Sam + Kat

"When my husband and I were looking for a photographer to capture our big day, we were looking for someone within our budget and good work/experience! Little did we know that when we chose Brydon to be our photographer, that we were getting SO MUCH MORE!!! Brydon is such an honest, creative, fun spirited, photographer that can capture the sweetest and funniest of moments! She made taking photos easy and natural (and I am camera shy)!!! Book Brydon as your photographer and you will NOT regret it!!"

Bryan + Grace

"Hands down the best thing we ever did for our big day was choosing Brydon. My husband and I (yay!) are 2 very awkward and camera shy people who hate photos of ourselves. Not only did Brydon make us feel totally comfortable in front of the camera and tell us exactly what to do for poses when needed, but the pictures are STUNNING. I can’t stop staring at them and can’t wait to look at these photos for years! Brydon is so accommodating, flexible and talented that honestly I would pay 3x what we did and still think it was fair- her photos are priceless."

Austin + Kiley

"Brydon was literally a life saver for my wedding!! I had my original photographer cancel two days before my wedding and Brydon literally swooped in, drove down from Ohio to Pennsylvania, and saved my LIFE without a question. I can’t thank her enough with how easy and beautiful she made my wedding day. I am so grateful for everything she’s done for Austin and I and if you are reading this, BOOK HER. 100% book Brydon she will not disappoint you at all! Thank you so much girl! "

Logan + Katie

"From one bride to another — I will always stand behind the belief that the photographer you choose can really make or break your day. I told Logan from the very beginning that this was one of the most important aspects of the day for me! These are the snapshots of our day — the thing that we will carry for a lifetime. Memories fade, but the photos will always be there to laugh & cry about. Don’t compromise on your day — your photos are worth the investment!! So here’s my shameless plug to brag on our photographer — the best in all the land. Brydon is a seriously cute person!! She has so much life, energy, and kindness to give. She is so chill & easy to work with. Brydon’s raw talent is so evident & I feel like the luckiest dang bride in the world to have had her photograph us & our day!! Everything about her is my vibe. I think we were separated at birth. I will recommend her until the day I die because you deserve a photographer who is professional & takes their job seriously on one of the most important days of your life! I’ll be here crying over the beautiful photos she just sent us for the rest of the night... thankyouthankyouthankyou Brydon!"

Damien + Emma

"Words cannot express how happy my hubby and I are/were to find Brydon. She was so easy to communicate with. We just got our wedding photos back tonight and oh my gosh they are stunning!!! There were some shots that actually brought tears to my eyes (and even my hubs got teary!). Brydon’s husband, Matt, came with her to assist in shooting- he is so sweet and it was great having that second person with a camera to get different shots/angles. Basically- book her and you’ll be so so happy you did!"

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